Basinview Drive Community School

Walking School Bus


In an effort to encourage and support Basinview’s  families and children in becoming more active on the way to school, our school's SAC has decided to pilot a Walking School Bus program.

A Walking School Bus is a group of students led by adult volunteers (parent/guardian or senior in the community) who take turns and volunteer their time to walk to school, so that students can walk every day, even if their families can't. Walking School Buses provide safety in numbers, and are a great way for students to be physically active, feel happy and more energized for the school day, and develop good social skills and life-long healthy habits.  This pilot program will be open to all families, and of special interest to those who are currently unable to regularly walk their children to school due to time constraints or distance.

For more details on how the program works or to register, please visit our school website or contact our Walking School Bus Coordinator, Natalia Diaz-Insense at or 902-430-2510.