Basinview Drive Community School

At-Home Learning begins Thursday, April 29th

Dear Parents and Guardians,
On Thursday, April 29th, we will begin At-Home Learning for all students in HRM. We will work closely with you to support you and your child as we transition to At-Home Learning. So, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school at 902-832-8450 or by email at or your child's teacher, if you require support. We will send alert messages home with updates as we receive them and share and post updates on the school's website.  I will try to keep the updates short to not overwhelm you with information. More details about a return date will be released on Friday, May 7th. The Back To School Plan is attached for you to review.
Teachers have already been in contact with you to assist with preparing your children for At-Home Learning. Homes requiring technology are currently in the process of receiving it as well as the classroom materials necessary for learning. Please contact your child's teacher if you require more support with this. All teachers will share their schedules with you and options for learning.
Beginning Thursday, teachers will be required to take attendance daily. This will be accomplished through real-time conferencing (large group or small group video/audio) using the platforms of Google Classroom or Seesaw. Teachers may also connect with you by email or phone to verify attendance.
Teachers may also record real-time lessons so that students can access these lessons if they are not able to particpate in a real-time lesson on a specific day, while ensuring that they respect privacy requests.
That is all for now.
Stay Safe!! We Got This!! Go Basinview!
School Administration