Basinview Drive Community School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Marchand, Ken Principal 902-832-8450
Reichheld, Lynn Vice Principal 902-832-8450
Angela McLellan, EXCEL Excel (902) 240-9515 Website
Griffin, Gayle Administrative Assistant (20%) 902-832-8450
Scott, Dana Administrative Assistant 902-832-8450

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Al-Freh, Reem ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Armitage, Carolyn Grade 3/4
Benson, Kirsten Grade 3
Boland, Bernadette Additional Support Pre-Primary
Boutilier-Nicholson, Jill Grade Primary Website
Brown, Peggy Grade 2
Cavalcante, Amanda ECE - Pre-Primary Lead
Chandler, Keri Grade 1
Christie, Shannon Grade 3
Clarke, Ben 100% Physical Education
Clothier, Tamara Learning Centre
Cochrane, Tracey Grade 3
Collins-Keefe, Pam Grade Primary Website
Coutts, Carol Music Website
Dean-White, Elayne Resource
Dempsey, Taylor ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Dib, Maria ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Elnadry, Mena Additional Support Pre-Primary
Feron, Ryan Guidance Website
Frith, Sharon Grade 1
Goyetche, John Physical Education (80%)
Haverstock, Nicole Grade 1/2
Hurley, Karen Grade 4
Kelly, Phalen Additional Support Pre-Primary
Kim, Jeongsook Additional Support Pre-Primary
Kim, Jin-Ju Additional Support Pre-Primary
Kim, Yuhee Additional Support Pre-Primary
MacDonald, Rosena Core French Teacher
MacLean, Erica Music Teacher (10%) Website
Marfels, Sonja Resource
Matheson, Leah Learning Centre
McIsaac, Lori Grade 2 Job Share
McMullen, Sheila Grade 2
McNeil, Melissa English as an Additional Language Teacher (EAL) Website
Mroz, David Grade 4
Mroz, Kate Grade P/1
Murray, Amanda Learning Centre
Ng, Cindy Grade Primary Website
Porter, Cheryl Grade 2
Reynolds, Melva Grade 1
Saunders-Griffiths, Sophie Additional Support Pre-Primary
Sharon Frith, Joan Doyle Grade 1/RR
Smith, Colleen Grade 2
Stephanie MacDonald (50%), Cheryl Gervais (50%) Grade Primary
Sullivan , Sheena RR/ELS
Toulany, Allisar Additional Support Pre-Primary
Vokey, Pat Grade 4
Webber-Frail, Tina Grade 2
Wright, Jennifer Grade 3

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Al-Nasrallah, Amnah Educational Program Assistant
Austin, Jerry Cafeteria Staff 902-835- 8535
Battiste, Sherry Schools Plus Assistant Leader (902) 471 2445
Burke, Ken Educational Program Assistant
Evong, Crystal Educational Program Assistant
Garnier, Amy Library Support Specialist
Gelevan, Linda Educational Program Assistant
Griffin, Gayle Administrative Assistant (20%)
Knowles, Nancy Educational Program Assistant
Lake, Joanne Educational Program Assistant
Legere, Rebecca Educational Program Assistant
Liu, Fang YMCA School Support Worker 902-830-0419
MacLennan, Angela EXCEL Leader 902-240-9515
Pelrine, Bud Caretaker
Scott-Dominix, Beryl Educational Program Assistant
Smith, Emma SchoolsPlus Commnity Outreach Worker 902 399 8326
Smith, Sue Educational Program Assistant
Upshaw, Tyler School Social Worker 902-237-6943
Wadden, Tanya Educational Program Assistant