Basinview Drive Community School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Angela McLellan, EXCEL Excel (902) 240-9515 Website
Griffin, Gayle Administrative Assistant (20%) 902-832-8450
Marchand, Ken Principal 902-832-8450
Reichheld, Lynn Vice Principal 902-832-8450
Scott, Dana Administrative Assistant 902-832-8450

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Al-Freh, Reem ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Armitage, Carolyn Grade 3/4
Benson, Kirsten Grade 3
Boland, Bernadette Additional Support Pre-Primary
Boutilier-Nicholson, Jill Grade Primary Website
Brown, Peggy Grade 2
Cavalcante, Amanda ECE - Pre-Primary Lead
Chandler, Keri Grade 1
Christie, Shannon Grade 3
Clarke, Ben 100% Physical Education
Clothier, Tamara Learning Centre
Cochrane, Tracey Grade 3
Collins-Keefe, Pam Grade Primary Website
Coutts, Carol Music Website
Dean-White, Elayne Resource
Dempsey, Taylor ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Dib, Maria ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Elnadry, Mena Additional Support Pre-Primary
Feron, Ryan Guidance Website
Frith, Sharon Grade 1
Goyetche, John Physical Education (80%)
Haverstock, Nicole Grade 1/2
Hurley, Karen Grade 4
Kelly, Phalen Additional Support Pre-Primary
Kim, Yuhee Additional Support Pre-Primary
Kim, Jin-Ju Additional Support Pre-Primary
Kim, Jeongsook Additional Support Pre-Primary
MacDonald, Rosena Core French Teacher
MacLean, Erica Music Teacher (10%) Website
Marfels, Sonja Resource
Matheson, Leah Learning Centre
McIsaac, Lori Grade 2 Job Share
McMullen, Sheila Grade 2
McNeil, Melissa English as an Additional Language Teacher (EAL) Website
Mroz, David Grade 4
Mroz, Kate Grade P/1
Murray, Amanda Learning Centre
Ng, Cindy Grade Primary Website
Porter, Cheryl Grade 2
Reynolds, Melva Grade 1
Saunders-Griffiths, Sophie Additional Support Pre-Primary
Sharon Frith, Joan Doyle Grade 1/RR
Smith, Colleen Grade 2
Stephanie MacDonald (50%), Cheryl Gervais (50%) Grade Primary
Sullivan , Sheena RR/ELS
Toulany, Allisar Additional Support Pre-Primary
Vokey, Pat Grade 4
Webber-Frail, Tina Grade 2
Wright, Jennifer Grade 3

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Al-Nasrallah, Amnah Educational Program Assistant
Austin, Jerry Cafeteria Staff 902-835- 8535
Burke, Ken Educational Program Assistant
Evong, Crystal Educational Program Assistant
Garnier, Amy Library Support Specialist
Gelevan, Linda Educational Program Assistant
Griffin, Gayle Administrative Assistant (20%)
Knowles, Nancy Educational Program Assistant
Lake, Joanne Educational Program Assistant
Legere, Rebecca Educational Program Assistant
Liu, Fang YMCA School Support Worker 902-830-0419
MacLennan, Angela EXCEL Leader 902-240-9515
Pelrine, Bud Caretaker
Puddicombe, Melissa Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-471-2445
Scott-Dominix, Beryl Educational Program Assistant
Smith, Sue Educational Program Assistant
Upshaw, Tyler School Social Worker 902-237-6943
Wadden, Tanya Educational Program Assistant